Advanced ACM Fabrication Techniques

Working with an extremely versatile material, such as aluminum composite, presents ample opportunities for creative and complex designs. In this article, we will explore a few ACM designs that go outside the typical rout and return flat panel.

Surface Routing

Although aluminum and other metal composite materials come in a multitude of color and finish options, you can further customize your design by routing a pattern into the surface layer of the panel. Depending on the desired look, the depth of the cut can be set to rout away only the very surface of the metal sheet (click photo to see close up), or to remove the first layer altogether and reveal the core of the material. The middle layer that bonds the two outside metal sheets can be black, white, or semi-opaque, based on the manufacturer and the type of the core (Polyethylene or fire retardant). By routing just deep enough to remove the top metal layer and revealing the core, you can create a contrasting pattern on the panel’s surface.

This technique is recommended for interior applications only, as it voids the manufacturer’s warranty on the material’s finish.


Bending / Twisting

Thanks to its incredible flexibility, metal composite material can be easily bent and twisted to form organic shapes. From single panels, to walls, to column covers, this enables a wide variety of design possibilities.

Metallic, brushed and color-shifting finishes are great options for curved panels, as they change their look depending on the viewing angle, creating a modern and dynamic design. Thanks to our oversized metal roller, we can curve full length sheets up to 10′ wide with a radius of as little as 7 inches.


Custom Detail Work

With the precision of 3D laser scanning, expert CAD panel design, and CNC fabrication, we are capable of fabricating very complex designs. For example, three dimensional faced panels add interesting reflections and shadows and can completely transform the building’s façade.

As there are so many fabrication options for metal composite panels, we offer consulting services for architects and building owners, letting them maximize the potential of this tremendously adaptable material. Contact us to discuss your project’s ACM wall panel needs.