ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Certification for Fairfield Metal

Drexel ES-1 Coping
Carlisle Metal Products and Drexel Metals have approved Fairfield Metal to use their material for fabrication of ES-1 Systems. The ES-1 certification is geared towards a wind design standard for roofing edge systems used for low slope roofing. It was created back in 1989 after Hurricane Hugo devastated much of the Eastern coast stretching from Puerto Rico to New England. Fairfield Metal holds this certification from the National ES Testing Service in Georgia, allowing us to fabricate superior edge metal systems that hold up to hurricane force winds.

Our metal roofing accessories have been tested and passed all requrements of the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standard:

  • RE-1: Roof Edge Termination Test
  • RE-2: Pull-off Test for Metal Edge Flashing
  • RE-3: Pull-off Test for Metal Wall Coping

Have a look at our roofing accessories and take assurance in knowing that our products can withstand the most damaging forces of nature.