Three Dimensional Panels

Creating a visually interesting building facade, one that stands out from the common brick or stucco faced commonplace, has been the desire of architects for decades. With the popularization of metal composite panels (MCM), we are now seeing a significant uptick in interesting design usage of this versatile building envelope solution.

One of the more creative ways of using composite metal panels is by creating a 3D shape. Both repeating patterns or a more random arrangement can be made from such panels to create very engaging looks.

From the technical side of things, creating 3D-shaped panels often resembles the same way of thinking as when making origami. The material is scored on the back side to create folds. With our panels, this process is computerized and allows for precise results every time. A good deal of skill is needed when assembling the panel together in order to make it fold correctly. The following video from Alucobond Europe shows what a great 3D panel design can achieve.

As you can see, this simple two-panel design makes the home improvement chain look futuristic, elegant, and hard to take your eyes off from.

Understandably, such panels take longer to fabricate and so they cost more than same size flat panels, but when used creatively in the design, can make a huge impact in the overall design of the building envelope.

Whether you have an idea for a three dimensional panel, or want to see what’s possible to fabricate, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Your next building design can really stand out from the rest.